The GCN Cycling Club (GCN CC): Ride Bikes x Have Fun! Every month, enjoy your choice of new and exclusive GCN CC socks or premium coffee delivered to your door – plus many more exclusive club benefits! Leave anytime. You’re the boss...


Like it says: Ride Bikes x Have Fun!!!

The GCN Cycling Club (GCN CC) has been created as a place for you – GCN’s fans – to have fun and share experiences, so that you can get the very best out of bikes and riding, wherever you are in the world. It’s the ‘meeting place’ for the whole community, and a way for you to support us in creating the great content that you enjoy. So thank you: wearing and sharing your socks out in the world is just one way you can do just that, sipping on some of our great coffee is another. 

Presided over by Club President James Lowsley-Williams (Hank), we started the GCN Cycling Club with a monthly sock plan, before adding an option for great coffee too. Since then we’ve worked hard to add to an ever-growing list of exclusive benefits for GCN Cycling Club members including: Discounts on partner websites, early access to products, exclusive content, monthly virtual group-rides. 

But besides great socks, coffee and benefits, the GCN Cycling Club is your club, and we really want you to get in touch via any of our social channels with your ideas and suggestions for benefits and features that you'd love to see, so we can keep on building and developing the club into something truly special.


Ex-pro riders with an unquenchable enthusiasm for road cycling in every form and every detail.

James Lowsley-Williams

James got into cycling fairly late at 16 years old but made up for it with gusto by taking to racing both on the track and the road. Eight years of flat-out racing on the British domestic scene with UK Youth and NFTO teams saw James teaming with GCN's ‘Head of Fashion’ Adam Blythe, who he helped in his 2014 Prudential RideLondon Classic win.

Dan Lloyd

10 years as pro rider for Cervelo Test Team, Garmin-Cervelo and IG Sigma Sport, ‘The Boss’ is a Tour de France and Giro d’Italia finisher turned DS, commentator and presenter. What Dan doesn’t know about pro cycling, and who he doesn’t know in the sport, probably isn’t worth knowing.

Simon Richardson

10 years a pro, including five in the Great Britain Cycling Team on a mountain bike (yeah, we know, but actually that’s ok, it turns out) racing at World Championships and Commonwealth Games. Si moved to road racing for British-based professional teams against some of the best riders in the world.

Oliver Bridgewood

Ollie is a passionate cyclist who deprecatingly describes himself as one who “hopefully makes up for what he lacks in talent with enthusiasm and humour”. However his ever-growing repertoire of terrible puns does make us question the latter… Ahem. Before joining GCN Ollie was a cycling journalist and still enjoys competing in time trials, hill climbs, road races and criteriums.

Manon Lloyd

The youngest, most successful and by far the coolest presenter Straight from the boards and double European junior champion in 2014, Manon brings with her some serious track heritage and skills. Not only did Manon win the first ever Women’s world cup Madison with Katie Archibald in Glasgow in 2016, but she’s also a qualified rally co-driver. When not riding or racing, she looks after her three donkeys Paddy, Scooby and Bubbles. As a Welshwoman, she is of course fluent, and apparently bakes a mean Welshcake… Although we’ve yet to test this claim.

Conor Dunne

Readdressing the power balance of the GCN crew We knew it would be a tall order. As well as being pun-fodder for the rest of the presenters (yes, Dan, we’ve heard them all before) what Conor brings to the team is real talent and cool professionalism. Beyond riding a bike (of which his favourite discipline is bikepacking), Conor surfs, skates and plays the ukulele. His favourite race to watch and ride is Milan San Remo, for the epic scenery, beautiful weather and history. But his heart still belongs in native Ireland, especially the Atlantic coast of Kerry or Clonea Strand in the South East. His kryptonite? Mouldy blue cheese. Final words from Conor: “I'm 6ft 8” (2m 3 cm) for those that don’t know and yes, I used to captain my school basketball team.”


Founded in 2012, the Global Cycling Network (GCN) is the largest and fastest growing online cycling channel in the world, bringing together a global community of road cyclists to celebrate everything that’s great about the world of cycling. It’s the ultimate one-stop destination for everything a roadie could ever want. 

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